Many a museum exhibition reception involves table wine, pinwheel sandwiches, and much pontificating. MoDA's version? We'll just say it has a touch more adrenaline.

This weekend, a full mile of Peachtree Street from the Fox to MoDA, will be closed off — not for traffic, or the construction of another condo building, but for a parade. A skateboard parade, to be more specific, in celebration of MoDA's latest: Skate It Or Hang It?. Skater boyz and girlz will roll their way down ATL's main artery til they reach MoDA, where the work of hundreds of skateboard artists will be on display (and where viewers will be treated to a skate show by the NY-based 5boro). Rad.

Also on display: installations by Atlanta artists Charlie Owens and HENSE, side-by-side with nationally acclaimed skateboard artists. Not your grandpappy's art opening, right?

Watch Peachtree become converted into a sk8er's paradise this Saturday, starting at 11 a.m., and join the crowd as they roll their way up the street to MoDA to celebrate such an awesome exhibition. Because, dudes, this kind of thing doesn't come around very often.