With the opening of not one, but five brand new doughnut shops coming to the District this year, including Astro Doughnuts (address TBD) in Metro Center, Zeke's Donutz (2029 P St., NW) and Golden Brown Delicious (1323 Connecticut Ave., NW) in Dupont, District Doughnut (address TBD) in Eastern Market and a new bakery operation in a new Ted's Bulletin to be located on 14th Street (address TBD), we're bracing ourselves for another DC-based, pastry-focused reality show. (It seems inevitable, right?)

And while we're excited to try all the new shops' unique, non-traditional flavor combos, contrary to popular belief these days, DC's not exactly new to the doughnut game... and we're not just talking about Krispy Kreme or *shudder* Dunkin' Donuts.

Last spring, for example, Standard (1801 14th St., NW) set up outdoor shop and fried up these torus-shaped treats for anyone walking by on 14th Street. (The outdoor restaurant will reopen in March.) And many-a-shopper will remember at 2012's Downtown Holiday Market, Migue's Magnificent Mini Donuts, which can now be found at Eastern Market, swooped in to give us our fried-dough fix.

Then, of course, there are the more high-end places, like Birch & Barley (1337 14th St., NW), Tabard Inn (1739 N St., NW), Palena Market (3529 Connecticut Ave., NW) and Lyon Hall (3100 N. Washington Blvd., Arlington, Va.), which have all been doling out the sweet treats at weekend brunch for the past few years.

But perhaps our favorite 'nuts in the District belong to Heller's Bakery (3221 Mt. Pleasant St., NW). This historic Mt. Pleasant shop has been making the street smell better since 1922. The doughnuts here are pure and simple, featuring classic flavors like glazed, honey-dopped, chocolate and cinnamon, plus, they're all under a buck apiece.