People watching in DC can be tricky. Between the tourist hordes dressed in matching tees and the federal hordes dressed in matching navy or gray suits, sometimes, quite frankly, DC can seems a bit mundane. You can only watch so many women walk by in pencil skirts and...stark white Reeboks... before you feel the need to start looking at Craigslist ads for apartments in New York. But don't! It gets better. And in fact, it gets quite stylish. Or at the very least, a lot more interesting at one of these, our favorite DC people-watching spots.

Russia House
Forget unassuming, this crazy three-floored restaurant/bar/nightclub has it all, from bewildered ex-study abroad students stammering out broken Russian to the Motherland's one percent. You thought rappers wore a lot of bling? Pfft. Welcome to the closest thing DC has to Moscow. Although be forewarned, while the horseradish-infused vodka is one of the best liquors you'll find in town, take it easy lest you risk double-vision, aka sensory overload.

Pharmacy Bar's Bay Windows
The Post's Fritz Hahn swears by this spot, and we know why. You can take in the redonkulous s@#t-show that is Adams Morgan on the weekend, whilst keeping one solid glass window away from the madness. Depending on how rowdy the crowd is outside, you might feel like you're the emperor in gladiator. Instead of mead, though, you'll watch the oft-barbaric festivities with a cheap beer.

Spa World
Although people-watching here can get a bit creepy, since most everyone is nude at this Korean spa, keep your eyes above the neck and just take in the vibe. Here, you'll find business deals being concluded, gossip being spread and, well, all or this, according to our very own firsthand account.

Meridian Hill Park on Sunday Afternoons
Follow your ears to the drum circle and find a perch on the higher level of the park (more toward Columbia Heights) on a nice day. Here you'll find the aforementioned drummers, plus young people doing outdoor yoga, part-time circus performers doing balancing acts on a tightly pulled wire hanging between some trees and everything in between. Pro-tip: bring a picnic lunch along with your drum.

Logan Circle
Sure, it's Dupont Circle that always gets the most love, but Logan Circle really picks up on nice days. While you won't find the outdoor chess tables filled with dudes looking to best each other for five bucks like you will at Dupont, you will find dogs, dogs, dogs and more dogs. Seriously, if you don't have a pet, but always wanted one, bring a blanket and a few Beggin' Strips and come make 100 new furry friends (and maybe meet the canines' owners, too) the next time a nice Saturday rolls around.

Outside the Pavilion Cafe at the Sculpture Garden
Not only can you rent some ice skates if you get bored (and it's winter), but the people watching from this perch is superb. Sure, you'll find a few of the more regular tourists with the matching shirts, etc., but more often you'll find the international cognizanti, strolling by looking great, hoping to take in a few of DC's best art museums instead of the monuments. Fashion bloggers, seriously, this place is a hidden gem for street style on nice days.