Unsurprisingly, one of our main food squeezes in DC, Mary Kong over at Girl Meets Food has been so successful that she's been able to expand. While Kong's sense of humor is second-to-none, the new girl in food town, Sarah Hall, follows Kong in that her writing game is tight. And yes, also DC-centric, in a way that we here at Scoutmob don't usually talk too much about, at least not publicly. In fact, the only way we'll bring up political culture in DC is if it coincides with the local culture, and in this case, Hall points out how it coincides with a few local food establishments. Read on:

Republicans and Democrats don't agree on much, but great food always gets a bi-partisan vote.

In May, Hunch analyzed the eating habits of liberals and conservatives. Sort shell tacos and grilling burgers at home are bi-partisan favorite, conservatives are more likely to eat fast food, and liberal prefer wine with dinner.

Politicos in Washington all love to eat, but where do they congregate?

You know we gotta leave you with a cliffhanger! As always, click through to Girl Meets Food for the rest of the article. Learn where to go, or alternatively, where to avoid. KIDDING! That's a joke.