New York City is famous for so many things: fashion, architecture, waiting in line for passing food trends. But it's perhaps the long list of iconic TV shows that have best helped propel our five boroughs into the everyday lexicon. From The Jeffersons to Friends to Sex and the City, NYC came into our homes before we even lived here. But no show has sparked quite the obsessive following as Seinfeld, the iconic show about nothing.

And while we're pretty good at relating just about anything that happens in our lives to a Seinfeld episode, one obsessed fan has gone a step further. Dan Zinman has created a series of maps that chronicles every single location in the history of Seinfeld, in NYC and beyond. It all started while Dan was in college, watching 'The Movie' episode for the umpteenth time. He decided it would be a good project to start a log of the random NYC minutiae the show featured.

One hundred and twenty eight days after he started, he had circled back through all 180 episodes to complete his list. There are over 1,600 entries throughout the five boroughs, 40 states and 70 countries in 6 continents.

You can search by location (i.e. Kramer's apartment, Monk's Cafe), by countries and states, and also by episodes. Did you know Elaine's third apartment was at 78 W. 86th St.? Or that Jerry's act in the opening credits was performed at The Impov on W. 44th St.? Welp, now you do!

Basically this means we've scrapped our weekend plans, replaced our regular footwear with new Himalayan hiking shoes, and are setting out to find the perfect mango at Joe's Fruit. Click the map below to check out more maps about nothing.