When one restaurant closes its doors, it opens up a window for someone else to come in and start a vegetable friendly pop-up. Yeah... we're pretty sure that's how that saying goes. Regardless, that's exactly what's happening in Williamsburg with Chez Jose, a vegetable forward pop-up ready to serve you dinner two nights a week.

Opened about a year ago but before quickly shutting its doors for renovations, Lake Trout was a decidedly lowbrow ode to American comfort food opened by the restaurant team that hit it big with Fette Sau. Since they have yet to turn their lights back on, and not wanting to let a good space go to waste, Chef Jose Ramirez-Ruiz and his girlfriend Pam Yung have slipped in and will be plating up special tasting menus featuring a slew of the freshest local produce they can find.

Previously, the sous chef at Isa in Brooklyn, Jose set off on his own about a year and a half ago, after that restaurant went through its own reboot. He started the Tuesday/Thursday pop-up concept inside the coffee shop/taco joint Whirlybird, charging $55 for an 8-course tasting menu. Now inside Lake Trout, the concept will stay the same, just with a little more room. Supplementing the vegetable offerings will be the occasional protein by way of fish or other meats, but it will predominantly feature produce they get from friends who are either farmers or foragers, so the menu could change drastically from week to week.

Service officially began last week, with seatings at 7 p.m. and 9:15 p.m. Diners can make a reservation by emailing chezjosebk@gmail.com.