We have failed you, dear scouts. Our intentions were noble and noodle-driven, but alas we have let you down. We didn't get to try a Ramen Burger at last weekend's Smorgasburg.

Now, we know we've stood tall in the past against ridiculous wait times for a cronut, but when word started floating around about a burger wrapped in ramen noodles making a debut at Smorgasburg, we swallowed our pride in hopes of swallowing this tempting creation. If there was anything we were going to spend ungodly amounts of time waiting for, it would be a weird burger.

The Ramen Burger, which consists of a 75/25 percent blend patty, a generous slathering of shoyu sauce, peppery arugula and a scattering of scallions, is the creation of noodle master Keizo Shimamoto (who ran Bassanova Ramen in Tokyo). Shimamoto has plans to open a stand-alone Ramen Burger shop in the near future, but his debut at Smorgasburg was an attempt to test-run his creation (and drum up a little PR no doubt). The kicker is, in lieu of bread, Shimamoto griddles discs of Sun Noodle ramen noodles in sesame oil until they are crisp, then stuffs the "buns" with the burger and fixins.

Sounds delicious, right? Or at least intriguing? Worth getting up early for, trekking to Smorgasburg, and waiting it out in the rain for the first glorious taste of potential ramen/beef perfection? We thought so. Unfortunately, so did everyone else. With waits up to two hours long, and a line that reportedly reached 500 people deep (all for an estimated 150 burgers on hand), our efforts were too little too late. We just couldn't hang.

The reviews from the lucky few who did get their hands on one have been mixed, from "not mind blowing, but pretty good" to "worth the wait." But we want to hear it from you, intrepid scouts. The Ramen Burger is back this weekend, doubling its output to 300. If you get your maws on one, let us know how it is. Shout it to the masses and be sure to tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at @ScoutmobNYC.