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Stone Creek

50% off Stone Creek
Since we don't have a living room of our own, we'll be spending a lot of time here thanks to the casual vibe, friendly staff and variety of shared plates.
It's our belief that if guacamole, hummus and pico de gallo more commonly shared a place on menus around the world, we'd be living in much happier times. How do we know this? We ordered up this trio of multi-culturalness at Stone Creek Bar & Lounge in Murray Hill recently, and we're now convinced that world peace is merely a shared appetizer away.

Stone Creek's bar has the relaxed feel of walking into somebody's living room, which was the goal of industry vet Jon Pirozzi, whose restaurant resume includes the famous Cheers in Boston, among others. The low-ceilinged space consists of light cream walls, hardwood floors and a shiny copper bar top with a beautiful stone backslash that gives the space an airy, yet cozy feel. "We wanted to do all exposed stone walls," said Jon. "But this is an old building, and it's hard to get people to allow that." No matter, the mood is still set. Outside of the trio plate, they offer other international shareables including chicken satay, nachos, crispy calamari and baked brie. Plus, everything is made in-house, so the quality and freshness is a sure thing. Back behind the kitchen is the private events room, where neighborhood trivia night goes down every Wednesday. The space can also be reserved for private events, from bachelorette parties to business meetings. We wouldn't be surprised if delegates from the nearby U.N. came in for that trio plate.

Menu Highlights:
Guacamole, Hummus & Pico de Gallo plate, $10.95
Baked Brie, $11.95
Crispy Calamari, $9.95
Chicken Satay, $9.95

Monday - Friday, 4 p.m. to 4 a.m.
Saturday & Sunday, 11 a.m. to 4 a.m.

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