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Vada Spa

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Scout Notes: One day, we'll all be able to travel to exotic spas and spend our entire weekends in...
One day, we'll all be able to travel to exotic spas and spend our entire weekends in terry cloth robes (right? If that's not in the cards, please lie to us.) Until then, we require a killer one-stop shop that can hook us up with a great manicure, massage, or wax, and get us back in action to tackle the rest of our to do list. This is where Vada comes in: located in the heart of the West Village, this go-to spa has a team of seasoned pros ready to provide any service your heart (or hair) desires, all without a major outlay of cash or vacation days. You can get in, get beautiful, and get back out. Which isn't to say you can't luxuriate if you'd like; if you've got the time, Vada's also prepped to pamper you silly. Just don't rub it in, okay?

Since 2007, Vada has been the go-to spot in this neighborhood for nearly every spa and salon service under the sun. From a standard mani-pedi to extensive laser hair removal treatments, Vada can hook you up with precisely what you require or desire, completely sans drama (no fresh-out-of-school staff, no three week waits). The relaxing, tri-level spa (complete with patio) has plenty of stations and treatment rooms, ensuring that you'll have little trouble getting an appointment near your desired time, even as a group. You may even have luck as a walk-in during the week. For a spot this convenient, it's surprising to find that it's also laden with state-of-the-art technology; the laser system available here is one of the most advanced you can find, and is suitable even for total novices. Not ready to commit? No sweat: the staff here is experienced in every manner of wax job you can fathom. The service innovations extend all the way to their mani-pedi offerings, as well. If you're looking for a nearly indestructible manicure that will give you two weeks of flawless fingernails, ask about Shellac. You're gonna love it.

Monday—Sunday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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