Good news: September 12th is National Chocolate Milkshake Day! (Yes, that honorary holiday actually exists. No, you don't get to stay home from work.) We plan on celebrating all month long, especially if the weather continues to feel as though the entire city of Nashville has been thrust inside a broiler and cranked up to 450 degrees for maximum caramelization. Looking to beat the heat, too? Pull up a stool and join us at one of these ice cream parlors for some of the frothiest shakes in town.

Hot & Cold, Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Shake
Pssst… wanna know a secret? Jeni's doesn't offer milkshakes at either of the shop's Nashville locations, but the fine folks at Hot & Cold — a glorious dessert den featuring Jeni's Ice Cream, Olive & Sinclair's chocolate and Las Paletas' popsicles — are more than happy to combine several scoops of your favorite Jeni's flavor with a few glugs o' milk. The result? One of the richest, creamiest shakes we've had this side of childhood.

The Pharmacy, Goo Goo Milkshake
last week, we tipped our cowboy hat to the Pharmacy's seldom-available Goo Goo shake, which combines Pied Piper ice cream and organic milk with chunks of Goo Goo Clusters. This week, we're shining a light on an item that's always available at the East Nashville burger joint: a handmade, old-timey chocolate milkshake. Made with local ingredients and served in an unpretentious fast-food cup, it's yet another reason to venture across the river.

Broadway Brewhouse, Bushwhacker
This Midtown bar claims to be "The Home of the Original Bushwhacker," and after two glasses of the alcoholic concoction, we're more than willing to take them at their word. Like a Wendy's Frosty (with a boozy punch), this drink combines Kahlua, Creme de Cacao, milk, Coco Lopez, water and a bevy of secret ingredients into the sort of milkshake that's suitable for adults only.

Sip Cafe, Espresso Milkshake
Espresso, milk and ice cream. What's not to love? For the breakfast of caffeinated champions, head out to Riverside Village and order this zippy pick-me-up with butter pecan ice cream.

Burger Republic, Spiked Reese's Malt Shake
This spiked milkshake is made with house-infused Reese's Peanut Butter Cup vodka, which sounds like sort of liquid they'd served at a keg party in heaven. Add malted milk to the mix, and you've got an old-school drink with a new-school twist. (To be fair, we've heard great things about the Vanilla Maple Bourbon shakes, too, which are whipped up with Marker's Mark and Vermont maple syrup.)