Call us sentimental, but as the weather warms up and the humidity skyrockets into something close to swampiness, we've found ourselves craving a tall, ice cold glass of lemonade. We're talking about the good stuff: a blend of citrusy tartness and sugary sweetness that can rustle up all the tasty, tangy memories of a childhood lemonade stand. Since those stands are hard to come by these days, we've begun hitting up our neighborhood haunts, where some bartenders have been known to serve lemonade with a gourmet twist. So pucker up and prepare to get your main squeeze on! These are our go-to lemonade stops.

Provence Breads & Cafe
Sweetened with honey and accented with sprigs of lavender, this seasonal slurp is grown-up in all the right ways. Since lavender oil is often used to promote relaxation, Provence's lemonade has special chill-out powers, too. The perfect antidote to a long, stressful day... or just a thirsty throat.

Silly Goose
We don't know what this East Nashville eatery puts into its Basil Lemonade (other than basil and lemons, of course), but whatever the secret concoction may be, we can't stop asking for refills. Luckily, Silly Goose only charges for the first glass, meaning we're free to gulp and guzzle to excess. Sweet and light, with a smell that reminds us of a well-tended garden.

The Big Lemon
Water. Sugar. Lemons. Some recipes aren't to be fiddled with, and the Big Lemon – a pop-up lemonade stand that visits the Downtown Farmers' Market every Saturday afternoon -- specializes in sweet simplicity. Looking for a slight twist? Order a strawberry lemonade, whipped up on the spot with fresh produce from the market shelves.

Pinewood Social
A mocktail that doesn't need any booze to pack a punch (and we don't dole out accolades like that every day), this gourmet glass of the good stuff – a mixture of lemon, orange, blackberry, homemade cinnamon syrup, hand-chiseled ice and soda water ¬– is absolutely nothing like Mom used to make. Don't tell her we said this, but we really love it that way. For a meal that puts an adult spin on some of the childhood classics, order it up with an appetizer of fried broccoli.