At long last, we’re thawing out from that mid-May cold snap and making our way closer to the sun. And we’re not speaking figuratively, folks – we’re taking to the rooftops. The city is host to a bevy of rooftop bars and sky-high restaurants, and trust us – up there, not only are the views breath taking, but everything just seems sweeter. (Maybe the air’s just thinner? We’re not sure.) In any case, here are some of our favorite elevated haunts to soak up the sun while the gettin’s good.

Finding this speakeasy-worthy pub may be no easy feat, but it’s certainly worth the search. Walk up to the roof and you’ll be treated to some of the best people watching in town. Food is served until last call, too, making Pub5 your one-stop shop for Porky Belly Tacos at 1:30 a.m. (Don’t mind if we do.)

Rock Bottom
Nashville’s largest rooftop restaurant, Rock Bottom, offers classic American food and gorgeous views of the Cumberland. Football fans can hear what’s happening over at LP Field, without having to deal with the congested crowds. Throw in a fire pit, and you’ve got an eatery that’s more than worth the climb.

Soulshine Pizza
Every Friday night, Lightning 100 kicks off the weekend by throwing a big concert on the second-floor patio of this pizza joint. A tent stretches across the entire area, making it possible to take to the rooftop any ol’ time, rain or shine. Some of the pizzas are named after musicians, too, making it possible to chow down on the “Bob Marley” pie while listening to reggae music onstage. Whoa!

An award-winning sushi restaurant that processes its own fish onsite, Virago mixes deep-sea eating with a swanky, elevated patio. Reservations are a must, especially if it’s the weekend, when this high-class fish fry becomes one of the busiest restaurants in the Gulch. Pro-tip: Try the Ninja Bacon – trust us.

Watermark Restaurant
At the elevated peak of this restaurant is a long, lush rooftop garden, where the Watermarks grows most of the herbs and lettuces that wind up on the menu down below. If you ask nicely, though, they’ll see you on the roof, where you can eat your meal mere feet away from where it was picked. Talk about farm to table.