Having the most awful day of your life? A little people-watching time can help (don’t worry, the confidence boost that comes along with flash judging people totally outweighs any weird guilt you might feel). While some of the best people-watching moments happen when you least expect them, there are a few hot spots around town that almost always guarantee a sighting of someone with a whole lot more to be embarrassed than you. Here are our top four places for people watching in Nashville.

If you can get past the sometimes-flooded bathrooms, smoke-filled air and cash only thing, this dive bar makes for some of the best people watching in Nashville. You won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the mishmash of drunks, eccentrics, hipsters, crazies and totally normal people all interacting awkwardly under one roof. The later you go, the better it gets, especially on karaoke Tuesdays.

Nashville Flea Market
Ranked #7 in the country, the Nashville Flea Market is one monthly event we never miss. With over 1,300 booths, you can expect to find a little bit of everything, from antiques and jewelry to area rugs and plants. But that’s not all you’ll find. Between sometimes-shirtless market goers and vendors selling expired cosmetics and packages of men’s underwear circa 1985, the people-watching opportunities alone are reason enough to make a trip.

Tourist-ridden Broadway is packed with people-watching potential. Just pick a honky tonk and head in. Seriously. Any one will do. Or, just stand on the street and observe. Whatever people-watching path you take, we promise you will walk away having seen enough cowboy boots, rhinestones, visors and botched breast augmentations to last a lifetime.

Elmington Park
Looking for something to do on a lazy Sunday? Grab some food, head over to Elmington Park and feast your eyes on the larpers as they make their Dungeons and Dragons fantasy world a sort-of reality. Not familiar with the world of larping? Picture a battle reenactment Picture a battle reenactment but with PVC pipe weaponry, fairies and capes. Lots of capes.