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Fond Object

50% off Fond Object
It might be the vintage goods up front, or the pig out back (her name's Dottie and she likes belly rubs), but we're pretty smitten with this particular record shop. Fond, even.
Record stores can be confusing places. They’re crowded. They’re expensive. They’re filled with thousands of records you don’t want, which means you’ve gotta dig through crates of old, crusty vinyl to find the one album you actually do want. What is this, paleontology?

Located at the same crossroads as Mitchell’s Deli and the Village Pub, Fond Object is a different breed of record store. For starters, it’s more than a music shop. There’s a vintage store in the front, filled with collectibles and retro furniture. And down the hallway is a high-fashion boutique run by Poni Silver, who doubles as the drummer for The Ettes. There’s an art studio, too, and an event space in the back, where old-school grindhouse movies are projected onto the shop’s rear wall during the summer weekends. But Fond Object’s biggest (fondest?) attraction is clearly the large room filled with hard-to-find records.

The whole operation is run by The Ettes, a garage-rock group with killer tunes and even better taste in music, along with Jeff Pettit (a Texas native who managed another music store, Cheapo Discs, back in Austin). The result is a “curated” record store that only sells the good stuff. You won’t find any filler here. Everything has been hand-picked by those who know quality music when they hear it, from the popular stuff to the most off-the-wall records this side of the Cumberland.

And maybe it goes without saying, but they play really good music in the store, too. Like, really good music. And they have a pig who lives out back. Her name is Dottie. She really likes customers. That’s rock & roll.

Store Highlights:
LPs: Limited editions, independent releases, and the best of the popular guys
DVDs: Out-of-print horror movies, grindhouse releases

Monday - Thursday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday & Saturday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Sunday, noon to 5 p.m.

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