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Fox's Donut Den

50% off Fox's Donut Den
Nothing quite satisfies the sweet tooth like a fresh, gooey Fox's donut. From classic glazed to bacon-topped, they've been providing undeniable happiness in the form of a local sugar rush for over 30 years.
Forget Krispy Kreme. Forget Dunkin’ Donuts. As far as sweet treats go, we’re of the opinion that nothing soothes a sweet tooth better than the fresh, gooey awesomeness that is Fox’s Donut Den. And best of all—this Nashville landmark is locally owned.

Located in the heart of Green Hills (just look for the vintage neon sign ), Fox’s has been supplying Nashvillians with a pretty significant sugar rush for over 30 years. Yeast or cake, glazed or filled, sprinkles or no sprinkles—there’s a little somethin’ for everyone at Fox’s (yup, even a bacon-topped donut). In addition to donuts baked fresh every morning, they also offer homemade bagels, muffins, breakfast rolls and pastries. Our recommendations? The classic glazed donuts are a must try, as are the apple fritters.

Menu Highlights:
Donuts, $1.19 or $9.84 for a dozen
Bagels, $1.29 or $9.99 for a dozen
Coffee, $1.59, $1.69, $1.79
Apple Cinnamon Bread, $8.99 a loaf
Texas Donut (great for birthdays or special occasions), $19.99, $25.99
Donut Holes, $3.69 for a dozen

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