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417 Union

50% off 417 Union
417 Union, a 1940’s themed dinerlocated downtown, allows guests to take atrip back in time while enjoying some pretty awesome grub (caramelized bananapancakes, anyone?).
It’s the 1940’s: "Rosie The Riveter" is becoming a cultural icon, Bing Crosby’s “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” is at the top of the music charts, and movie theaters are booming with business as millions of Americans seek an escape from a time heavily defined by war. 417 Union, a 1940’s themed diner located downtown, celebrates the history of the ‘40s and allows guests to take a trip back in time while enjoying some pretty awesome grub (caramelized banana pancakes, anyone?).

Owner Anthony Leath never planned on opening a themed restaurant. It was the building’s rich history that helped guide the concept of his business (In 1939—at the beginning of World War II—the Satsuma Tea Room moved into the 417 Union Street building where it stayed for over 60 years). 417 Union is Anthony’s way of celebrating a period of time close to his heart while honoring those who made sacrifices during the war.

The menu, which Anthony describes as classic American fare with an emphasis on southern traditions, boasts a little bit of everything—from fried green tomatoes and burgers to country fried steak and southern side dishes. Oh, and they serve breakfast all day, which makes us Scoutmobsters pretty darn happy. In addition to purchasing all their produce from local farmers’ markets (when in season) and serving locally baked breads, 417 Union also features local artists in their upstairs art gallery. Don’t forget to ask for a tour!

Menu Highlights:
Rattlesnake Pasta, $13
Caramelized Banana Pancakes, $12
The Great American Cheeseburger, $10
Turkey and Dressing, $13

Hours subject to change:
Open 7 days a week
Call for evening Hours

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