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Mobile Deals

I tried to use a mobile deal but it couldn’t locate me. What gives?

Make sure you’re actually at the business. Kinda like making sure your stove is turned on before you try to heat something, you can’t actually use a deal unless you’re actually at the location and your GPS is able to locate you there.

Sometimes, just trying to click out of the deal and then trying it again works. Phones can be funny like that.

Ensure you have data signal or are connected to WiFi. The Edge network or Jitterbug just doesn’t cut it.

Ensure “location services” are turned on for the Scoutmob app.

Locate yourself on you phone’s map app to make sure it actually knows where you are, then try again.

I saw a deal on my app and then it vanished. What’s going on here?
Two things might be to blame here: The deal has expired and therefore is no longer available. (Cue the sad violins.) Or the deal you saw was a POP-UP deal on the app, which means it may be available at certain hours, but is not currently available. You can search for this deal by name and check the availability in the fine print.
How do I find a particular deal or neighborhood or cuisine type on the app?

We have a fancy SEARCH feature if you’re looking for a particular deal or neighborhood. Just type in the name and see what comes up.

We also have a FILTER feature at the top of the app if you want to sort by neighborhood, favorited deals that you’ve saved, or types of deal or cuisine.

You can also use the map view of deal locations to have it locate all the deals around you. To find it, just swipe left from the main deal list screen. It's tucked away behind there.



I made an order on Shoppe, but I’m still waiting on my goods.
Items usually ship in 7-14 days. Please look out for the order to "ship" within 2 weeks. Tracking will be provided as soon as the order ships.
Can I include is gift receipt in my order?
Sure thing. All Scoutmob Shoppe orders have a gift receipt. We've got you covered.
My confirmation/tracking email says "out of stock". What is that?
If you completed your order then your item is secured and will be sent out in the timeframe allowed.



How do I redeem this Hand-Picked awesomeness?
Think of Hand-Picked working like a reservation on a ultra-swanky guest list. Kind of. Once you have purchased your deal, all you need to do is visit the restaurant/event location, let them know that you're there to redeem your Hand-Picked experience, and they will need to simply check your I.D. (or some form of official identification) to verify your reservation name. In other words, no need for print-outs or showing off anything on your phone -- unless you really want to share your latest high score on Angry Birds.
My deal has expired. Can I still use it?
We typically provide a firm expiration date to use your deals. If your deal has expired please contact the merchant directly as they may be able to honor the remaining value of the deal. If you have any difficulties please let us know.
Are substitutions/vegetarian options available for my deal?
Please contact the restaurant as options are regularly available but my not be possible in all cases.


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