It’s incredible to think about all of the awesomeness that’s happened here in the past 6 years since we started this crazy little thing called Scoutmob. We put together a somewhat comprehensive, mostly accurate timeline to help jog your memory of everything that’s happened to get us to this point:

Real talk: we love everything about this city. It's our hometown and our HQ. It's our front porch and it's our backyard. And while we’ve been scouting out all of the hidden gems and digging up the local curiosities that make this city so great, we realized that we've been missing out on some of the bigger ATL stuff, too. Over the past year, we’ve been working to expand our offerings to do what we feel has always been our mission: to share and celebrate the best of what to do and where to go in Atlanta. You're growing up so fast, Atlanta, and it's time for us to do that, too.

With that being said, check this out:

Yep, we've got a brand new name and a brand new logo. They're pretty rad, right? But aside from this snazzy new look and new name, we're not changing much of the ol' Scoutmob you know and love. It'll just be better and more ATL-ier than ever.

But, we know that change can be hard. Here's a handy FAQ we've put together to clear everything up about the new and super rad Hand-Picked Atlanta:

  1. Wait, do I still get 50% off? Are you taking away my 50% off deals??
    Yes, you still get 50% off great spots we've scouted out around town. They're not going anywhere. You might noticed on your iPhone app that we're now calling these "Local Perks". You can still use your app to find things nearby or see what's new. And you'll still be receiving your daily email with the scoop on new Local Perks and other 'round town goodness.

  2. So there’s no more Scoutmob?
    Sort of? The name "Scoutmob" is now attached to our e-commerce platform for independent makers in Atlanta and every other gosh darn city across the US. But all of your 50% off deals and curated experiences are now under the fancy new Hand-Picked Atlanta name.

  3. But we're on right now. What’s the deal?
    Not for long! We're ironing out all the kinks over the next few months, and you'll soon be able to find all of these local deals under You can still use the same app, and you'll still be getting the same goodness in your daily emails. Keep your eyes peeled, that shiny new Hand-Picked Atlanta logo will be popping up everywhere.

  4. So, same deals, same app, same email. Just a new name? That's it?
    We're also changing the experiences we bring you. When we started out, we were scouting the city for "mobile deals for the local curious", but as we mentioned before, there's more excitement and fun to be had than just uncovering ATL's hidden gems. So we've changed our mission and our goal: the best of what to do and where to go in Atlanta. Sometimes it's an undiscovered hole-in-the-wall restaurant in some obscure part of town, and sometimes it's a cocktail party at the Georgia Aquarium. We love it all, you love it all, so that's what we want to bring you every single day.

  5. Great. So what do I need to do to get in on this?
    Nothing, really, as long as you still have the app. Keep checking the daily emails for new offering, check your app to find what's around you, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to make sure you’re plugged in for all the awesomeness coming your way.