Who doesn't love poop, especially when it's a work of art? Not us, that's for sure. So you can imagine our frenzy of emotion when we found out about PoopsATL- the cutest golden poos we've ever seen. We sat down with the artist behind the paintings and found out just how fun poop-themed art can be. (It's pretty fun, btw.)


Scout: So who's the person behind PoopsATL?

PoopsATL: I'm Amanda, a thirty-two year old Metro-Atlanta native. I live with my awesome artist/filmmaker husband, Adam, and our two cats, Rico and Robocat, in Poncey-Highlands. Rico is really fat and perfect for belly-rubs. Robo seems like a human got trapped in a cat and is desperately trying to tell you something.

I like to read and watch a lot of historical fiction - I'm kind of obsessed with gilded age costume dramas. Probably my biggest guilty pleasure is playing Sims 3 or 4. I have emerged bleary-eyed on many a Saturday afternoon after playing that game for five or six hours, not even understanding how it happened.


What do you do when you're not making shiny poop paintings to drop around the city (pun intended)?

By day, I work as a quality lab technician at Newell Rubbermaid up in Sandy Springs. Most of what I do is leading experimental and quality testing for Calphalon cookware. It's a pretty great job, actually. I have an English degree and never really thought I was any good at science or math until I randomly got this job as a temp six years ago. I feel like it's helped round me out and make me a more useful person. By night, I enjoy taking improv classes, singing wherever I can (usually in my car to karaoke tracks from Wicked), and watching TV with our little family.

How did you get involved in the FAFATL movement?

It all happened pretty quickly! I went from not really knowing anything about it at all to being pretty heavily involved in the span of a month or two. First, one of our friends brought a Catlanta sweatshirt to a white elephant party a couple Christmases ago. I hadn't heard of his work at the time, and I was excited that someone so local could have such a dedicated following.

Then, another friend of ours, Nicole Powell, showed us a short film she made about the #fafatl community - it's called Free Art 4U and you need to stop what you're doing right now and watch it on Youtube. It's awesome. Seeing that short totally lit a fire under me. I had to do it!

What inspired you to make poop golden? And why make poop into art?

Anyone who knows me pretty well knows I'm a little crazy about gold. I don't even really need an excuse to spray paint things gold, so when this art project presented me with even a kind of good reason, all bets were off.

Poop is just funny and awesome. When I taught English in Korea, that particular shape was exclusively associated with poop. You could be trying to draw these six-year-olds a cupcake or a soft-serve ice cream cone and they're over there screaming "POOOOOOP!!!" It made me laugh, so I drew it all the time. I also just like the idea that something can be gross but pretty at the same time. Who doesn't love poop? (Scout note: we don't know!)

Where are your favorite spots in Atlanta? For poops, and for just hanging out and not pooping?

Kimball House for drinks, The Local for trivia, Dad's Garage for laughs, and Sotto Sotto for eating all the things. I have to admit I've gotten so lazy on drop locations lately. I tend to bring them with me on a walk so they end up at Ponce City Market, Krog St. Market, and near Murder Kroger a LOT. I'm working on it!


Who are your favorite ATL street artists?

Right now, my favorite Atlanta street artists are Catlanta and Black Cat Tips. What can I say? I'm a cat person. Their use of color is so much fun and they honestly just seem like really cool dudes.

How can our readers get more poops?

I drop free art fairly regularly, and you can find clues for those locations on Instagram @poopsatl. If you're in the market for a bigger painting, a t-shirt, some stickers, or are just not feeling like leaving the house (I feel you), you can get all the poop stuff you could ever want at poopsatl.bigcartel.com. I'm also on Twitter and Facebook under the same name. Drop in and say hi!