We’ve got to be honest with you. We love fried chicken. It’s our number one reason for loving the South. We took it upon ourselves to find the best places to eat fried chicken- every day of the week.

Monday: One Eared Stag
It’s a no brainer for One Eared Stag to team up with Monday Night Brewing for fried chicken night, considering it’s only available on Mondays after 5 p.m. Yes, Scouts, Chef Robert Phalen is bringing the crispy golden deliciousness every Monday- three pieces and two side items for only $15. (Plus plenty of Monday Night’s finest brews.) If you’re REALLY hungry, you can get a whole chicken for $22, or two whole chickens for $32. You don’t even have to share. We won’t judge.

Tuesday: Paschal’s
If the name of this restaurant in Castleberry Hill sounds familiar, it should. Paschal's was the birthplace of the civil rights movement, the place where Martin Luther King, Jr. himself made history over fried chicken and sweet potatoes. Well, this isn’t the exact spot- the original location on MLK Drive closed, but the current restaurant is serving up the same crispy fried three piece and a side. To stay historically connected, be sure to try the candied sweet potatoes.

Wednesday: Watershed on Peachtree
Anyone who’s lived in Atlanta for any amount of time has heard about the award-winning fried chicken at Watershed. Is it the focus on local sourcing, the artistic flairs, the elegant atmosphere? We’re not sure, but every Wednesday (and only Wednesday) they’re serving up the de facto Best Fried Chicken in the South. It’s so good, they recommend making a reservation.

Thursday: The Colonnade
The Colonnade is an Atlanta institution for good reason- they’ve been serving up crowd-pleasing Southern staples since 1927, including their famous fried chicken plate. For Scouts who love a thick crunchy fried skin, this is the place to go. You’ll get a half a chicken’s worth of pieces along with two sides from their long list of of complements. But if you're getting anything besides mac & cheese and collards, we need to have a talk.

Friday: Busy Bee Cafe
There’s a now semi-famous photo of a certain Democratic presidential hopeful with a certain half of hip hop duo Run the Jewels chowing down at Busy Bee Cafe. We hope they got the fried chicken- it’s undoubtedly the star of the soul food show here. The decor at Busy Bee is simple, the dining room small, but before you get to thinking it’s all coop, no birds, take a bite into the moist, meaty, crispy fried chicken and get back to us.

Saturday: Gus’s Fried Chicken
For Scouts who like some spice with their fried bird, there’s no better place to get a little kick in the pants than Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken. It’s tucked into Peachtree Center Downtown, and you may miss it if you're not looking for it. But seriously, look for it. Spicy, crispy skin and comfortable Southern sides make it the perfect place to munch and crunch.

Sunday: Publix Deli
We know this ain’t exactly local, but it’s a well known fact: the Publix Deli doesn't mess around with fried chicken. And we’re not talking about just chicken fingers either. We know it’s easy to grab a few strips and eat them with one hand while running errands, but trust us, the fried chicken pieces are worth the greasy fingers and crispy fried crumbs sticking to your chin and shirt. They lightly season the batter, and have the frying time/temperature combo down to a science. They even have Southern-style sides to make it a combo. They’re good, but not as good as a dozen pieces of fried chicken, so choose wisely.