Well, they may not be the Pyramids of Egypt or the Grand Canyon, but the Peach State has got some small-scale landmarks that are just nearly as impressive as the renowned Wonders of the World. If you didn't get to go on a globe-trotting escapade this summer, you can load up the ol' sedan and drive away for the weekend to an equally Instagrammable destination. Ranging from the beautiful to the spectacular to the unusual, we've rounded up seven impressive spots right here in Georgia that will look no less spectacular in your post-vacay slide show (read as: Facebook photo album).

Approximately 34 minutes away
Lilburn Temple (BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir)
460 Rockbridge Rd NW, Lilburn, GA 30047

Yeah, but what is it? This one is ssoooo close that it's hard to believe more people don't know about it. Over 34,000 pieces of custom-carved stones were assembled to build this awe-inspiring Hindu Temple. One photo of this and your Instagram followers will for sure believe you've jetted off to India. The interior is open to the public (sorry, no photos allowed inside) but remember, it's an active place of worship so please be respectful.

Approximately 1:35 hours away
2628 North Columbia Street, Milledgeville, GA 31061

Yeah, but what is it? Andalusia is so many things. Sure, it’s a region in Spain, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. This Andalusia, the Georgian one, is the former estate of legendary Southern author Flannery O’Connor. You can tour her house museum here, which is full of delights such as her walking cane, her teacups, and other artifacts. There are peacocks on the grounds (she loved peacocks)! Oh, and we can say from personal experience, the rocking chairs on her front porch make a lovely perch for indulging in the joy of a Publix Cuban sub.

Approximately 1:34 hours away
Howard Finster’s Paradise Gardens
200 North Lewis Street, Summerville, GA 30747

Yeah, but what is it? Recordscratchwhat – you don’t know Howard Finster? Well, here’s a crash course for you. Mr. Finster was a folk artist from Georgia. He transformed land that was pretty much a mere swamp in Summerville into his very own Paradise Gardens – grounds teeming with over 46,000 different pieces of art made from just about anything: marbles, velvet paintings, tiny adorable statues, mirrors, and lots and lots of concrete. You may recognize his work from the front of those R.E.M. and Talking Heads albums you don’t listen to enough anymore.

Approximately 1:40 hours away
Babyland General Hospital
300 North O K Drive, Cleveland, GA 30528

Yeah, but what is it? Babies come from storks, sure, but Cabbage Patch babies come from a Magical Crystal Tree, where Mother Cabbage brings her Bunnybees into existence. Terrifying? Yes. Worth seeing? Definitely. Not only is this spot a national treasure, it’s a place where everyone and anyone can witness a doll’s birth first-hand. (???) 50% nostalgia and 50% creepiness make this GA attraction truly one of a kind.

Approximately 2 hours away
Georgia Guidestones
Hartwell Highway, Elberton, GA 30635

Yeah, but what is it? What, you thought you had to go all the way to jolly ol’ England to see Stonehenge? Think again. We’ve got our very own bona fide rock shrine right here in Georgia that’s 92% more magical and mysterious than its counterpart across the pond. The stone slabs, which are man-made, stand tall and proud in Elberton and boast engravings from the “Age of Reason” (in several languages – impressive). Cultish? Yeah, kinda. Worth gawking at? Totally.

Approximately 2:15 hours away
Cloudland Canyon
122 Cloudland Canyon Park Road, Rising Fawn, GA 30738

Yeah, but what is it? Don’t go chasing waterfalls? Sorry to defy your advice, TLC, but we’re on a mission this summer. Cloudland Canyon boasts not one, but two waterfalls. They’ve also got some stunning flora and fauna, along with (wait for it…) a really impressive canyon. Instagram the landscape, fill your friends and frenemies with envy, and go on a hike for two or four miles. (Pro-tip: Those waterfalls are even more stunning if you stop by after a heavy rain.)

Approximately 2:16 hours away
Providence Canyon
8930 Canyon Road, Lumpkin, GA 31815

Yeah, but what is it? Listen, we can’t verify 100% that God made man. What we can promise you is that man made this canyon. Yup, we’ve got our very own man-made mini Grand Canyon right here in Georgia. It’s gullies are close to 150 feet deep, and were brought into existence by some really terrible farming techniques. The result? Centuries later we’ve got some opportunities for some next-level instagramming.

Laura Relyea is a writer in Atlanta, Georgia with an unwavering love for small press lit, glitter, and her dog, Wolfman Jack. Though she can’t claim to be a native Atlantan (being an army brat and all) she has lived here longer than any other place… so she’s officially considering herself an honorary Georgia Peach – despite her peach allergy and aversion to Waffle House. (It’s a long story.)