By now, any good ATLien has a catalog of amazing songs about their hometown stashed away in their brain, perfect for humming on an autumn night on their porch. But while we all know “Welcome to Atlanta,” here are seven songs to round out the city’s musical landscape.

One Night in Buckhead

As timely as an actual night out in Buckhead, Biff and the Buckwad’s parody of Murray Head’s “One Night in Bangkok” celebrates the ritzy nightlife of a neighborhood known for heavy drinking and hard partying. The YouTube video is jam-packed with historical photos documenting the classic Buckhead scene, so, as with any evening at the intersection of Peachtree and Piedmont, you’re guaranteed to learn something! With lyrics that remind you that “one night in Buckhead and your trust fund crumbles,” it might be more cost-efficient to listen to this one at home.

Perfect for: Blasting from your BMW as you peel out of the Moondog’s parking lot.

Zone 6

Gucci Mane’s ode to the police precinct that includes East Atlanta, Kirkwood and Grant Park reminds us of the seedier underbelly of neighborhoods better known for fancy burritos and PBR these days. Stories of drug deals and gun fights might not seem like ideal party music, but this song’s beat is guaranteed to get butts shaking all down Memorial.

Notable Lyrics: ”I got dem bank teller hands/all I do is count cash”
Perfect for: Jamming out as you cruise down the aisles at the Aldi down on Moreland.

Straight Outta Dunwoody

If Atlanta is known for its Dirty South rap game, then the suburbs of Atlanta are known for… well the jury is still out, but DormtainmentTV makes the case that these sprawling expanses of strip malls provide a comfort and quality of life that makes the grittiness of ATL pale in comparison. Reminding listeners that “Dunwoody got everything and I meant it/Because living here is very convenient,” this parody might be exactly the convincing you need to give up the ITP lifestyle.

Perfect for: driving the contents of your packed-up East Atlanta bungalow to your new two-bedroom at Gables Dunwoody.

Candler Park

YouTube user Blueslystone's ode to Candler Park starts off with a verse about a restaurant in the Poncey Highlands, so you know it's going to be good. Telling the story of a sensitive server at Java Jive who pours a cup of coffee for a patron and stays up all night talking about Candler Park, this track begs the question: How late is Java Jive open? The song features simple instrumentation, soulful piano and more than enough of the songwriter's coughs and grunts, just so you know how much of himself he put into this track.

Notable Lyrics: "And I never got bored/I was always fulfilled/Didn't need a harpsichord/Didn't need any 3-star Michelin meals."
… actually, just all of the lyrics.
Best YouTube Comment: "Lol my name's Candler."


If you haven’t heard Mastodon’s blistering ode to Atlanta, you must be living under Stone Mountain, because only hundreds of tons of granite would be enough to drown out the intensity of this song. Featuring the Butthole Surfers’ Gibby Haynes, this tune combines screaming, singing and some pretty nonsensical speaking to make for the city’s most terrifying aural soundscape, second only to that one girl who insists on doing “Wind Beneath My Wings” at Church Organ Karaoke.

Best Lyric: The demonic instrumental from 1:35 to 2:10.
Perfect for: Letting your neighbors know you’ve moved in and your stereo works.

The Krog Street Strut

Krog Street might only stretch a few blocks, but no thoroughfare in Atlanta has inspired more graffiti, bike rides or photoshoots than this one. Add to the list Blair Crimmins and the Hookers’ Dixieland-style tribute which makes a walk down the titular road feel less like you’re going through an underpass and more like you’re dancing your way through a tunnel party. Also, new idea: tunnel parties!

Notable Lyric: ”I ran to the bridge that I swore I'd never go/And at the end of the tunnel I saw a fiery light/So I walked in hanging my head and cried/And I came out strutting on the other side.”
Perfect for: Pepping up that walk of shame from Cabbagetown to Inman Park and vice versa.

Peachtree Street Boogie

Long before the Bankhead Bounce, there was the Peachtree Street Boogie, a dance whose tale is told by the Delmore Brothers in this Country Western “hit.” There’s not much going on in this song besides the brothers repeating the words “peach” and “boogie,” ensuring that it lives up to the promise of its clever name.

Notable Lyric: “All the Georgia peaches can teach you how to do the boogie.”
Perfect for: Convincing a Georgia peach to teach you how to do the boogie.

Local Scout Julian Modugno is a writer, comedian, filmmaker--basically a whole list of red flags for a first date. His movies can be found on his YouTube channel, Bland Hack Pictures, and his best one-liners are available on that Twitter thing at @juliocentric.