Hallelujah! The hoppiest of holidays has rolled around once again, bringing with it promises of brewery parties, deliciously frothy brews and a generally excellent excuse to imbibe on a Thursday. (It is the new Friday, so we hear.) So, in celebration of the magnificent India Pale Ale, we’ve assembled a list of some of ATL’s favorite places to pop in for a craft beer (or three.) Let the celebratory clinks and clanks begin!

First Stop: Brick Store (Naturally)
Brick Store Pub in Decatur is hailed by many as the Mecca of craft beer. To get your taste buds all riled up for the excitement that comes with IPA Day, try the Terrapin Guano Loco brewed by our friends up in Athens; this IPA ignites with a heap of flavors. With hints of chocolaty charm combated fiercely with spicy heat – it’s like a piñata exploded in a glass!

Second Stop: Orpheus Brewing
Overlooking two of ATL’s favorite local wonders, Piedmont Park and The Beltline, Orpheus Brewing boasts an exceptional variety of beers unique to the Southeast (much like our beloved city from which they hail.) The Atalanta (no, not a typo) is available year-round and like all of their beers, aims to be three things: ”piquant, deceptively robust, and a bit wild.” The tart beer with hints of plum pairs nicely with cheese and oysters – or ya know, all by its self.

Third Stop: Red Brick Brewery
Speaking of locally brewed goodness, Atlanta's Red Brick Hoplanta has amped up their Hoplanta recipe to make this citrus IPA a bit maltier, and it's a supreme brew. The citrus bite goes great with wings and the malt backbone enhances the flavor of just about any dipping sauce. Just make sure to pick up a growler of Red Brick Hoplanta on your way to pick up a batch of wings to go.

Last Stop: The Beer Growler:
Amongst the Avondale Estates (home to The Beer Growler's first ATL store) pop in to fill your growler to the rim with Southern Tier. (Contrary to its name the beer is brewed in Upstate New York.) This Imperial IPA is triple hopped and is particularly tasty when paired with summer BBQ. It also pairs well with pizza, so feel free to stop in at Savage Pizza for a slice while you’re strolling through the Avondale Estates.

There you have it, folks: our official recipe for enjoying ourselves on this lovely excuse to drink beer on a weeknight national holiday. Be sure to swing by IPA Day festivities at Sweetwater, Monday Night Brewing, >, Red Hare and more for extra-hoppy goodness. Cheers!