We've been tearing off the calendar pages every morning, giddy with anticipation. And now, hallelujah, the most wonderful time of the year is upon us once again: National Brownie Day, in all its sweet, sweet glory. In addition to the age-old traditions of dancing 'round the great Pastry Tree and singing confectionary carols, we plan to celebrate in proper form: with a big ol' square of gooey, chocolate-y, fresh-baked brownie goodness. But not just any brownie will do, mind you. So we consulted none other than Scoutmob's own resident brownie expert, Barry Greene, a man so besotted with the brownie that actual cartoon hearts may or may not appear over his head at the mere mention of the confection. Below, Barry's top three picks for indulging your every brownie whim on this storied national holiday:

1. Manuel's Tavern. The place once deemed "Atlanta's quintessential neighborhood bar" may be more known for cold beer, hot wings and equally heated political discourse than its dessert menu. But for many chocoholics around Atlanta, few places can slake the brownie-lust quite like Manny's. The cakey, dense, warm Ghirardelli double-chocolate brownie is indulgent enough on its own… but smothered in a scoop of vanilla ice cream? Downright sinful. Tip: pairs especially well with a Left Hand Milk Stout from the bar.

2. The Porter Beer Bar. Over 800 obscure beers? Check. A cozy, convivial environment? Check. A warm, moist brownie slathered in salted caramel sauce and served alongside a scoop of ice cream… that's infused with yet more beer? You may not have guessed it, but… checkity-check-check. We know and love the Porter for stocking the kinds of esoteric beers one orders to impress their friends, but this Little Five Points gastropub also happens to be home to one of the most decadent brownie sundaes in town. Rest assured there's a brew on that tome of a beer list worthy of washing it down with, too.

3. Sweet Auburn Bakery. Yes, their sweet potato cheesecake may reign supreme, but that's not this Curb Market mainstay's only claim to fame. With no fancy sauces, no gourmet ice creams and no gussying up, the Sweet Auburn Bakery brownie is the epitome of good, old-fashioned, granny-style cookin': pure, simple, and utterly decadent, striking that ideal balance of gooey on the inside; crispy on the outside; heaven all the way through. Fill 'er up a tall glass of milk (or, fine, a milkshake from Grindhouse) and instantly revert back to childhood glee.