Nothing says 'rollicking good time' quite like watching our friends and family embarrass themselves in public (and on purpose) using only their vocal chords. Such is the setup for a night of karaoke, and with a little liquid courage and the right setting for the song, we usually find ourselves belting out an off-key tune or two of our own. We've pulled together a few of our favorite sing-a-long spots to get everyone into the groove and out of the cold – no matter what type of beat we're looking to drop.

Karaoke Melody– BuHi may have earned its reputation as a local gold mine for authentic international cuisine, but good food isn't the only curious find this OTP hotspot has to offer. It's also home to some serious songster connections, including the traditional eastern karaoke setup found at Karaoke Melody. Private rooms, push button drink service and an iPad song catalog with a solid 250,000 choices will leave you feeling like an overnight sensation.

Sister Louisa's Church– Church is all about taking outlandish to the next level, and their Wednesday night karaoke follows suit. Look forward to a sassy organist by the name of Thamyris Mahony who can play any tune in the book (think of it as a comb-bound hymnal – but one that brims with Dolly Parton, Whitney Houston and some Broadway hits) and plays 'em whatever key he chooses. If you think you've got a certain song nailed down – think again. This guy will test your vocal range (and patience) all in the name of good fun. A crew of supportive regulars will be there to back you up should your song choice prove ill-chosen.

Mary's– This East Atlanta staple is out and proud, especially on Tuesday and Saturday nights when Mary-oke takes over the house. It may be a bit more crowded than your typical singing spot (the shower? the car? a one-person elevator?) thanks to the shotgun-style bar area, but if you can manage to grab a drink and squeeze back through to the dance floor, the epic group sing-a-longs with dance move accompaniment will be well worth the awkward side swiping you're sure to encounter along the way. If you go home without hearing at least one rendition of Don't Stop Believin' or a serious diva-driven ballad, you have left too soon, my friends.

10 High Club– Hit up the basement of Darkhorse Tavern for Metalsome Mondays (and Fridays and Saturdays), a live band karaoke showdown that will place you smack-dab in the middle of your greatest rock star fantasy. Get your name on the list early and plan on singing solo – unless you want to drop the minimum $20 fee for a duet. (Lead singers like hogging the spotlight anyway, right?)