We thought the combination of tacos, sausages and dulce de leche pastries was just about the best thing that could possibly happen to Inman Park. We spoke too soon. Just a few weeks on the heels of our ode to the Krog Street Market, the folks behind the foodie wonderland coming soon the Krog Street dropped a bomb on us, Gap Band-style, with some seriously juicy news: three solid new tenants bringing their delicious edibles to Krog Street.

We know we said the combination of Ford Fry tacos, Spotted Trotter charcuterie, Pannus Bakery sweets, local crafts and history were the five reasons we were giddily awaiting the project like smitten schoolgirls, but this? Well, let's just say at this point we're one artisanal burger stand away from circling 99 Krog Street on our bicycles 'til they give in and let us inside. Behold, the three new delectables we can look forward to tossing down our gullet once Krog Street Market opens its doors:

1. Dumplings. A Buford Highway fixture (and a stop on our 2012 BuHi marathon), Gu's Bistro has long been worth a trek up Route 13—and we've never thought twice about making a pilgrimage for some dan-dan noodles and spicy fried snapper. Soon, though, that spicy Szechuan cuisine will only be a Beltline bike ride away. According to Eater, the beloved Chinese restaurant will serve not just an array of dumplings, but also a few crowd favorites, like the spicy dry eggplant. And once they open their doors, we wager it won't be too long til we're looking like dumplings ourselves.

2. Croissants and cheese puffs. Home to not only one of our favorite croissants in Atlanta but also a heavenly creation known as a cheese puff, the Little Tart Bakeshop has pretty much solidified itself as one of the best bakeries in Atlanta, no questions asked. (Ahem—this guy thinks so, too.) With expert croissant-craftswoman Sarah O'Brien at the helm, Little Tart's Parisian-style baked goods are delicious enough to woo Dr. Atkins himself, and their outpost on Krog just means more opportunities to indulge in those exquisite creme fraiche quiches.

3. Burgers…. but not just any burgers. We know, we know: ATL has its fair share of burger joints. But if anyone could make good on a promise to bring something truly delicious between two buns, it'd be the folks behind General Muir, who will open Fred's Meat and Bread in a small stall at the market. (We're already stalking them on Twitter.) In addition to burgers, we hear the team plans to also serve up sandwiches like cheese steaks and po'boys (thanks again to Eater for the intel). They also mention that they're working toward a March 2014 opening. Wake us up when it's spring?

Stay tuned for more tenant announcements and opening dates over on KSM's Facebook page.