Got a couple bucks to spare? Perhaps instead of springing for a latte this week, you could throw some of those George Washingtons toward one of ATL's finest historical landmarks? The Wren's Nest needs a hand. $50,000, to be exact. But you don't have to be Donald Trump to do your part — any donation will help. The West End museum is the historical home of Southern author Joel Chandler Harris, but they're also a staple in the West End community and beyond. With youth mentoring programs like the KIPP Scribes (a kick-ass way to volunteer, by the way) and the Wren's Nest Publishing Company (a literary journal produced by high school students from all over Atlanta), it's pretty easy to see why the Wren's Nest is so much more than a museum — and why they're worth our support.

Donate now to the Wren's Nest, and while you're at it, head down to the West End this weekend to see for yourself exactly how awesome this institution (and their incredible storytellering) really is.