Let the Mob Work for You.

So you own a local business and you’re looking for some shiny, new customers?
Sweet. Scoutmob delivers exactly that through your doors.

You Can Expect

  • A manageable amount of traffic.

    We take into consideration your business size, needs, busy hours and costs when structuring a deal. We are here to bring a boost to your business, NOT a flood through your doors.

  • Economics that work for you.

    Not all business costs are created equal, so we structure pricing to COVER YOUR FOOD COSTS. Compared to other forms of local advertising, SCOUTMOB COSTS LESS OVERALL. Never pay upfront; ONLY pay when our users become your customers.

  • Attract a desirable demographic.

    “You sent the exact clientele we’ve been after!” is the kind of feedback we get constantly. Scoutmob attracts a savvy, influential user base and, in turn, you can expect to make these eager fans your fans, too.

  • Easy + stress-free for your staff.

    No printouts, codes, or paperwork for your staff to worry about. Two clicks of a mobile screen is all we need to track usage + report back to you on your success. We can even add auto-gratuity for your hard-working servers.

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The press loves us.


  • “Scoutmob has been great for our business. We have seen a large increase in new customers and a number of those people have become regulars. It worked out great for us.”
    — Noodle
  • “Scoutmob understood our brand and the kind of local audience we want to attract. We're looking forward to coming up with more creative promotions with Scoutmob in the future."
    — Grindhouse Killer Burgers
  • “Scoutmob has been a match made in heaven for us. The audience and exposure for our dinner menu is exactly what we were looking for. A huge THANKS to Scoutmob for helping us become what we are today.”
    — Sun in my Belly