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The Rosefinch Spa

50% off The Rosefinch Spa
A spa that is both healing AND enlightening is like finding a traffic-less route to work in this crazy city, a real dream come true if you ask us. Some of you are already in the know, but Rosefinch Spa is at the top of our list for that kind of nirvana.
Let’s be honest, us scouts love a good spa. Sometimes though, certain unnamed spas can be so pretentious with their ways and other times you can find yourself wondering if you were better off at home bumming messages from your roomie. Rosefinch Spa is that magical type of space that blurs the line between being both very exotic and quite familiar at the same time.

At the Rosefinch Spa, Ashley Bohanon specializes in Boholistic Thai bodywork that emphasizes self-care education and ritual. Ashley has two sessions she is known for in particular: the Signature Boholistic Experience and the Partner Thai Bodywork Lesson. Her Signature Boholistic Experience is a form of Thai bodywork that blends assisted stretching with therapeutic massage and rejuvenates the body by intertwining guided breaths, aromatherapy and heat therapy.

The esthetician of excellence at Rosefinch is Despina Stathis. Starting beauty school in Greece, Despina completed her education in America and has been practicing ever since. In line with the founding ethos of Rosefinch Spa, Despina offers a service that is a “deep and thorough cleaning of the skin followed by masques, massage, extractions and various other treatments deemed necessary to achieve the goals established during the initial consultation.” Rosefinch believes that exfoliation is usually key here; steam, warm towels, and professional products are used throughout any of Despina’s sessions.

But the spa experience doesn’t end with the services. Nope, the whole space feels warm and comforting, in a very “am I in Atlanta or somewhere far” type of way. Rosefinch is now very much considered one of the OG’s to the Atlanta spa scene. The last year alone has seen so much growth for Rosefinch- enough that the owner Kristen is booked far in advance (sorry Scouts, this deal excludes services with her). The Rosefinch Spa community is strong and we encourage you to join the ever-growing tribe!

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