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Zen Tea

50% off Zen Tea
This longtime haven for tea drinkers just got a burst of energy. Connie and her team are now serving Jittery Joe’s Coffee, but it’s the same serene space it’s always been.
If the phrase "tea time" brings to mind imagery of extended pinkies, English accents and over-the-top headwear, allow us to point you in the direction of a tea shop that just might forever change the way you see that steaming mug of Earl Grey. Tucked away in a charming nook of Chamblee, Zen Tea is a cafe that radiates om from the moment you walk in the door, take in the soothing aromas of rooibos and oolong, and now enjoy a little jolt while you're there- that's right, they're still keeping it zen, but now with coffee too. Here, it's not so much about high tea and frippery as it is about peace and quiet, in an environment that just begs one to linger over a steaming-hot cup of tea or French-pressed Jittery Joe's coffee for a while.

Connie, Zen Tea's owner and chief tea maven, first fell in love with the complexities and curative qualities of tea years ago. After steeping herself in tea culture, she opened the doors of this little shop several years ago, giving Atlantans a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of cafe culture—not to mention a place to indulge in an abundance of tea varietals, from delicate to downright dessert-like (cup of creme brûlée, anyone?). Thorugh the years, she formed a relationship with Jittery Joes, our favorite local roaster from Athens, Ga., and now you can get a nice steaming cup o' joe while relaxing for the afternoon. Get it black, or with steamed milk- of course we recommend the steamed vanilla soy milk for a touch of dairy-free sweetness. For the true coffee lover, stop by for a coffee tasting hosted by Jittery Joe's at Zen Tea on November 14th- contact Connie to reserve your spot.

Coffee, $2.75
Coffee with Frothed Cream (Latte) $3.95
Hot Tea, $2.75 (16-ounce cup)
Tea for Two, $5.50 (24-ounce pot)
Hot Tea Lattes, $3.95
Hot Matcha Latte, $3.95

Monday -Saturday, 11 6 p.m.
Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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